Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Carley photo shoot-4 yr old

More photo dumping

 D graduated from her young 5's class this past May

When she was asked what she wanted to be when she grows up she said
a car maker

D and her wonderful teacher Mrs VanTassel

Carleys end of the year celebration

 Graduated from young 3's

 First big dance show for Carley

 They both did a super job

 Summer fun

 Expert bug catcher

Fun neighbors

Photo Dump to catch up:)

The rest of December fun

Kids jumping on couches.
 Who are their parents?....geesh


Cousin Lia came for a visit

We welcomed new cousin Nora into the family


 Danielle turned 6
Holy cow...6!

More kids jumping on things
Someone better notify their parents before someone gets hurt
Sorry Great Wolf Lodge


Arcade junkies:)

 Birthday @ home

Our present to Danielle was a science book


Someone get that kid a fork!

So glad the "eating your cake with your face" gene has passed on to the younger sister


First tooth is history:)

Carley got to join dance class along with Danielle

Pure joy on her face
Her favorite is the free style dancing
She is one funky sista
Love it

 Easter up north

 Sold our first home
8 really good years were spent in this house
A lot of first happened here
We will miss it but are looking forward to what the future holds for our family
(more kids:))

 First T-ball practice
A little nervous @ first 

 The competive side of D always comes out big time in sports
Yes she is holding that poor little girl back in the yellow so that she can be first

 Spring sports in MI stink
No one should have to bundle up this much to attend a practice


 or wear a snowsuit to soccer
Good grief

 *Note to self*
Just because Carley looks like she is having a good time in these pictures does not mean she actually liked soccer
Do not put her in it again until she asks